GSOC Day 5 – Pushed Changes, Fixed Pictures

Today, I began by working on finalizing and pushing the fixes I started yesterday. I worked with the code review tool and with Mithro to improve my patches, then pushed them to the repository.

This took a surprisingly long time, since Git kept throwing in odd quirks that took a while to iron out (note to self: don’t branch off a branch off a branch and then try to rebase again).

Then, I had my first weekly meeting, and I’ve been asked to write a summary of each week and then a summary of what I want to accomplish the next week. So I’ll start that (slightly belatedly) here:

This week, I started by merging the changes in the client code since the tp04 branch was created back into the tp04 branch. I fixed the TimeRemaining frame so the client could determine how much time was left in a turn. Then, I started fixing a bunch of bugs in the client, allowing it to draw objects on the starmap and to draw popups with object descriptions and children. In the process, I also discovered a missing pair of definitions in the Generic Resource System, and I fixed that as well. I also learned to use git-cl for code reviewing.

Next week, I will start by continuing to fix some of the bugs that appear when the client starts. Then, I will try to improve the drawing of objects with multiple coordinates. I will also try to start using media that objects specify for themselves. This may prove to be all I can do for the week, but if not, I will start working on either the object properties panel or the orders panel.

Back to my work today:
After the meeting, I finished the day by making another patch to attempt to auto-detect the type of picture to use for the code (showing the large representation of the object). This seems to work for current objects, but it won’t be robust enough to handle all types of objects in the future. So this is a place where I’ll eventually need to use the media an object can now specify for itself.

A screenshot of the result:

The picture panel in TP after changes to make it work somewhat with tp04.

The picture panel in TP after changes to make it work somewhat with tp04.

What’s on tap for tomorrow? More bug fixes, of course! Then I’ll see if I can start looking at media.


~ by greywhind on May 27, 2009.

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