GSOC Day 16 – One Order Queue Working (Mostly)

I worked more on the orders panel today, continuing to fix errors that appeared as I added and changed orders. The first bug I tried to deal with was that the response for adding an order is now the order itself rather than a “Yes” or “No” packet. I was able to change that, but it seems that, unlike in tp03, the client no longer shows the default values for an order unless you press the “revert” button on the order after creating it. I haven’t fixed this yet.

Next, I dealt with a bug that prevented any modification of an order after creation. This made it impossible to, say, set the position in space to move to. I also found some code in the Systems overlay that hadn’t been updated yet, code that allowed selection of an object to fill the position argument rather than typing the position in manually. It needed to use the new position-findingy mechanism.

Finally, I had to fiddle with the default arguments for various types of order properties. The position selection panel didn’t have the correct number of brackets around its arguments, so I fixed that. I also added default arguments for a few other types of properties, but I haven’t added panels that allow the selection of these properties. That will be a slightly larger project for another day.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to continue to make the orders panel work as well as possible with one order queue. If I finish that, I’ll try to get it working with multiple order queues.


~ by greywhind on June 8, 2009.

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