GSOC Day 19 – Wrestling With Testing

I didn’t get much done today, from a code progress point of view. The reason for this is that I worked for hours on fruitless attempts to change minisec locally to use multiple order queues, so I could test my code changes to panelOrder. Unfortunately, since I wasn’t at all used to the structure of tpserver-cpp, I spent a long time just trying to figure out how things fit together and what I would need to change to get more than one order queue onto an object.

In the end, I ran into segfaults and errors, and I just couldn’t resolve it without spending more hours trying to sort through it all. Fortunately, llnz, who develops tpserver-cpp, came to my rescue and generously agreed to make a branch for multiple order queue testing. He just told me it’s ready, so I’ll definitely work on testing tomorrow.

My other change today was to fix the lack of update to the queue selection when the choice box is used. It now updates the panel properly, or so I believe (that’s why I need the testing).

So today is also wednesday, which means it’s time for my weekly update.

Accomplishments this week:
I started this week by fixing the resources overlay, which was completely broken and required a good bit of updating to work with tp04. I had to change how it dealt with positions and with resources.

After completing that, I moved on to orders, which took the rest of the week. I started by updating panelOrder to work with one order queue in tp04, which was a pretty hefty task in itself. I also had to split StateTracker’s classes into an Object and an Order tracker, so that they could be separated as tp04 allows them to be. Then, I made changes to the panel itself so that it would allow the user to select which order queue to work with, which also required re-changing some of the code that was made to work with a single order queue only. I added a few panels for some of the missing parameter types, but there’s more of that to finish. Finally, I started looking at testing the orders panel with multiple queues.

Next week:
Next week, I will first finish the orders panel. Then, I will move on, most likely to support for viewing dynamic object properties in a meaningful way. This could be another relatively significant task, but I think it will be an interesting one. If that works well, I’ll look at the problem of aged properties.

That’s all for this week. Tomorrow we will see if my code is horribly, horribly wrong.


~ by greywhind on June 10, 2009.

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