Leges Motus Progress: Beta Postmortem, Looking Ahead

Having released the first beta of Leges Motus three days ago, I’m pretty happy with the results so far. We’ve had about 70 downloads of the software so far, and although that’s not the kind of number we need for a thriving community with constant activity on the servers, I’d say it’s pretty good for the first three days of the program’s public life.

Leges Motus has also been noticed by Softpedia, although apparently they didn’t realize yet that it’s not just for Mac, and by some Chinese website as well. We’ve had some fun games, up to about 3v3, but I really want to see more activity on the servers.

I think the best way to achieve that goal is to continue development, as I’ve noticed that open-source projects tend to continue to grow in recognition as they release repeatedly. This makes sense, since people want to see that a program has some history behind it and will continue to be supported. Also, there’s a factor of, “wow – this has released three versions already and I hadn’t heard of it before! I’d better check it out!”

So on that note, current progress. We’ve closed about 10 Trac tickets so far towards Beta 2, some of which are new features and some of which are bugs. I’ve improved visual and audio feedback for various components of the game, making it easier to tell what’s going on and what you can/can’t/should/shouldn’t be doing at any given time. Examples include a sound for when you freeze another player and greying out menu items that can’t be used at the moment.

The main menu of Leges Motus, with new greyed-out menu items (and disconnect button).

The main menu of Leges Motus, with new greyed-out menu items (and disconnect button).

We have plans to add some major new features, which I’ll talk about in a later post once we’ve finalized what’s going in and what isn’t.

If you have any suggestions for Leges Motus, please leave a comment on our suggestion form. The game is still in flux, so any feedback is appreciated.


~ by greywhind on June 10, 2009.

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