GSOC Day 23 – Info Trees

Yesterday I had created a nice text display for the object information panel, but it wasn’t flexible enough – I wanted a collapsible tree structure that I could link to objects, not a static text display. So today, I replaced the simple text widget with a wxTreeCtrl, re-writing sections of the code to use it. Eventually, I got a rather nice-looking tree display of the information, which I showed to Mithro for review.

Mithro, however, pointed out to me that the wxTreeCtrl is still rather inflexible – it can only display text, not buttons, graphs, etc. He told me that I would be better off looking at creating panels that could be dynamically put together to display the data and that could still collapse to hide their contents. I agree that this will be a more robust solution, and so I’ll be starting work on it tomorrow.

My other fix today was to replace the outdated code that determines whether a player owns any objects. This was fairly simple, but it will remove the annoying popup every time you log in that claims you don’t have any objects when you really do.

Here’s a screenshot of the information panel after today’s work:

The wxTreeCtrl form of the information panel.

The wxTreeCtrl form of the information panel.


~ by greywhind on June 15, 2009.

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