GSOC Day 29-30 – Improvements to panelInfo

I worked on making a few improvements to panelInfo this weekend. Yesterday I added functionality for selecting an object through a button on the panel, which I didn’t have any way to test at the time. It was relatively simple – you just have to send an event to the application.

Today, I asked Mithro to give me more suggestions for the panel. On his recommendation, I filtered out two more attributes from being displayed, then I made the display of the parent attribute more useful, providing a name instead of just a number and allowing the parent to be selected, using the code I had done the day before for object references.

Tomorrow, I will fix the spacing on the various object references that use spacers where they could use empty panels, since empty panels can be collapsed down to fix the spacing as necessary. This is due to the fact that the reference panels are designed to work with or without a number of references (for instance, 3 ships of a specific type, or just a generic reference to that ship type), so they need to be spaced out from the number if it’s there, but the spacer needs to disappear when there’s no number. Tomorrow, I also plan to look into whether it would be feasible to display media in panelInfo, and whether that would look good or not.


~ by greywhind on June 22, 2009.

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