Leges Motus Progress – Full Steam Ahead for Beta 2

It’s been a while since I posted a status update about Leges Motus, so I thought I’d talk about what’s been cooking recently. We’ve had some major fixes and new features, and we’re moving steadily towards the second beta.

We have closed 29 tickets in our Trac so far, so I won’t go into all the details. I will point out some of the new stuff and bug fixes, though:

We’ve got new sound effects, and fixes to stop gate lowering sounds when the gate is disengaged.

We’ve got tiling obstacles, cached sprites for smaller memory footprint and faster map loading, and a totally new, easier to read map format.

We’ve got new transition effect support (lots of nice animations coming soon!), with a sliding background for the chat overlay being the first fancy new use of it.

We’ve improved spawning to allow re-use of spawn points and a separately configurable max players setting.

We’ve improved the menus, greying out and highlighting menu options as appropriate.

We’ve added a “disconnect” button, so you can leave a server without quitting the game.

We’ve made frozen players change velocity when shot like unfrozen players.

We’ve added messages for players shooting other players and for players engaging and disengaging gates.

We’ve added client and server configuration files, to permanently save your favorite name, resolution, sound, server variable, and any other settings we can think of. This means we’ll also have a graphical means of changing resolution and full-screen, but that’s not quite implemented yet.

There are still a bunch of big improvements planned, some of them internal to clean up the code and some of them visible to the user, so stay tuned. We plan to release early and often, so you’ll hopefully get to use all of these shiny new things in the near future.


~ by greywhind on June 23, 2009.

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