GSOC Day 34-35 – panelInfo Done

I spent yesterday on finishing up panelInfo’s makeover. First, I created two new panels for the references to “OrderType” and “Resource.” These were fairly straightforward, I just had to use similar code to the other reference panels and take the code for referencing a specific order type from panelOrder.

The second task yesterday was to add a button on the Position panel to “Zoom to” that position (center the starmap there). I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out whether there was an event interface that would allow this, or what the best method would be. I eventually decided that getting the starmap’s Canvas object directly and calling Zoom() on it was the only good way to get it to work, so I did that.

Mithro cleared it all, so I finally submitted the full patch for the new panelnfo.

Today, I began to look at ways to clean up the client. The first one I wanted to accomplish was to remove panelPicture, since its function is now fulfilled quite nicely by panelInfo. I succeeded in doing this today, and then I had to play around for a while with sizing and scrolling for panelInfo to get it to fit nicely in its new location. I got it working, though, so now there is one fewer panel to clutter up the interface.

Tomorrow, I will continue cleaning up the code for the midterm. I’ll look back over my changes to things like the starmap and try to find ways to improve the clarity or function of the code. Hopefully, I can get the client into excellent shape by the midterm.


~ by greywhind on June 27, 2009.

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