GSOC Day 38 – ObjectDescs And OrderQueues

I’ve been mostly doing small style fixes and code cleaning changes, and I’ve put together a code review of some of those.

More interestingly, however, I’ve been working on a suggestion Mithro made a few days ago, to change panelOrder so that if the maximum number of orders the current queue can hold is 1 then it will not show the list of orders, instead showing only the details of the single order. However, I hit a snag: ObjectDescs, where the max order limit is held, didn’t set attributes on themselves like Objects do for dynamic properties. Therefore, there wasn’t really any way to retrieve the order queue limit.

I worked through this with Mithro, and he made changes that should fix the problem. I didn’t figure out how to use these correctly, still, so I’ll have to complete this tomorrow. At least there should theoretically be a way to do it now, though.

That’s all for tonight. Nothing much to show, but that happens.


~ by greywhind on June 30, 2009.

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