GSOC Week 6 Summary

This week was a sort of “summer cleaning” week, if you will. I started the week by finishing up panelInfo, making the code all nice and finished to commit and push it.

Then, I started trying to find and clean up parts of the code that could be improved. I started with panelPicture, which was made unnecessary by the changes to panelInfo. I removed it, and then I moved the other panels and resized them to take better advantage of the space.

I also fixed some out of date and duplicate code for finding whether an object could move in the StarMap.

Then I worked on the Idle Objects window, which I created a year or two ago when working on the client for the first time. It was still using a lot of tp03 stuff, so I updated it for tp04 and cleaned up the style. It works nicely now, although it no longer has a type column (types don’t have specific names in tp04).

Another set of small fixes in style focused on the Resources overlay code, and I realized that some of the code in the Systems overlay was basically the same as some methods I had made in objectutils, so I fixed the duplication of functionality.

My other main change this week was to make the orders panel hide its list of orders when the queue has a limit of one order at max. It now shows only the info about the order, rather than a list of one. This took some fixes to object descriptions in libtpproto, but fortunately Mithro was able to work those out for me.

I will try to continue this sort of cleaning next week, and then it will be midterm time! I’ll have to discuss with Mithro what he thinks might use some cleaning – I’m starting to run low on ideas.


~ by greywhind on July 1, 2009.

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