GSOC Day 44 – Midterm

It was midterm day today, and I spent some of it filling out the survey, of course. Other than that, I went back to looking at winDesign. The prognosis: errors, everywhere. It seems that there are quite a few issues in the server-side code: adding designs with spaces in the name doesn’t work, and adding designs in general returns an “ok” instead of the new design itself like the client expects. Deleting designs seems to have a similar problem, after I added a bind for the Delete button that is.

Fortunately, at least the merge went properly. I’ve now pushed all of my recent changes to the repository.

I’ll keep trying to work with the designs window tomorrow, when I’ll hope to be able to get some fixes for the server-side issues.


~ by greywhind on July 6, 2009.

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