GSOC Week 7 Summary

This week in GSOC, I worked on the Designs window. It was a rather slow process, because there were many bugs to get through.

The first major issue I encountered was that I had to merge in Mithro’s changes to the Design window code from the stable branch. This would not have normally been a large problem, but a Git bug in the Fedora distribution caused me no end of trouble. I couldn’t figure it out for quite a while, until I finally got Mithro to try the merge and it worked for him. I solved this by compiling Git for myself.

Then, there were a large number of server bugs related to designs. I didn’t fix these myself, but I helped to find them and then had to wait for them to be fixed so I could test the client code. The server would fail on designs with spaces in the name, for instance. Then, deleting designs wasn’t actually implemented. It also returned 0 for every new design’s ID, which causes problems.

The client code needed a lot of work too. I made the panel for design properties collapse automatically if it was empty, to improve look and feel. I also created callbacks for the Delete and Duplicate buttons, which hadn’t had any actual function before. Similarly, the text box to change the design’s name hadn’t worked at all. I also found a bug that caused two designs to be created on the client side when only one should be, and I fixed that as well.

Edit: I also fixed a FIXME in the code that stated that designs with no category will not be shown. They are now shown in the root.

There is still a problem with refreshing the list of designs once one is changed, but I’ll fix that soon. Alanp has also requested a way to change the category of a design, and I’ll try to implement that tomorrow.

Here’s a screenshot of the designs window as it is now:

Designs window.

Designs window.

And a screenshot of just viewing the design:

The designs window, viewing rather than editing.

The designs window, viewing rather than editing.

That’s about all for this week – as I said, quite a bit of frustrating bugginess that I had to work through to make any progress. But I did make some, and the Design window should soon be working nicely.


~ by greywhind on July 8, 2009.

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