Leges Motus – v. 0.2.1 Released!

We released version 0.2.1 of Leges Motus today, a bug fix release to solve some things we noticed in 0.2.0.

Here are the fixes:
* Server no longer gives points for shooting frozen players.
* Fixed displaying the chat log on top of the score overlay.
* Fixed showing the score overlay when the input bar is shown.
* Options now only apply themselves when “Apply” is clicked, not “Back”.
* Windows now has a global configuration file.

This is not a lot, I know, but we felt that these bugs were important enough that they should be fixed immediately.

We’re gearing up for some major new features and gameplay changes, so we don’t want to have people waiting for a month or more for simple bug fixes like this.

I’ve also been working on an AI client. More on that in the future.


~ by greywhind on July 11, 2009.

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