GSOC Day 51-52 – panelPicture Popups

I continued to work, today and yesterday, on making panelPicture into a popup window on the StarMap. My work yesterday was cut a bit short by internet connectivity problems, but I continued today, and I got it working. It took some fiddling with wrapping panelPicture in a wx.Frame, positioning, and sizing.

I also found and fixed a bug that caused panelInfo to fail to display if it had to download media. This was a fairly simple one, just a few checks for null values.

Then I moved the buttons on panelSystem that allow you to select the previous, next, or parent object to the left of the search bar, removing a strange-looking blank space in the panel. This isn’t perfect yet – it seems like the list of systems isn’t expanding downwards to fill the extra line left, but it looks a bit better anyway.

Here’s a screenshot of the picture popup:

A picture popup on hover.

A picture popup on hover.

It always starts by displaying the system’s graphic, but if you click and select the child objects in the system, it’ll show those too.


~ by greywhind on July 14, 2009.

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