GSOC Day 54 – Media Cleanup Begins

I started on cleaning up the media support in tpclient-pywx today. It needs quite a bit of work, still. I created a function that returns a nice list of available images and loads them in advance, so they can just be placed where they need to go. I tested it in panelPicture, and it works. Nothing much to screenshot, though, since it looks the same (just slightly less complicated code in the panel to get it to look that way). Unfortunately, there still have to be a few loops to choose an image to display and then to choose which file with the same name should be loaded to display it.

Tomorrow, I’ll be working on putting the new media code in all of the panels that use it. Then I’ll make the media library code track what’s downloading. I’ll then start adding a window that will hopefully allow players to track media downloads and cancel them if they want to.

That’s about it.


~ by greywhind on July 16, 2009.

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