GSOC Day 57-58 – Media Downloading

Yesterday, I worked more on the download manager window. This involved a few things. First, I had to get the sizing right. Then, I added a name label to each download, along with a “cancel” button, and put a border around each one. I also made them remain after finishing, until they are hidden by the user. I implemented the cancel button functionality as well. Finally, I made the download manager hook into the current downloads in the MediaLibrary. Eventually, I got it all working and committed the code for review.

Today, I dealt with the comments on the code review. I then started to look into a further revamp of the downloading system, which is not as good as it could be all the way back into libtpclient-py. Basically, only one file can be downloaded at a time, and the file is not checked for correctness. I will need to thread this system, to allow multiple downloads at the same time, and rewrite it to work better. This will be difficult, as I am unfamiliar with the libtpclient-py code and haven’t used much threading in Python.

I will look into this more tomorrow. It will probably take a while to get this right.


~ by greywhind on July 20, 2009.

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