GSOC Week 10 Summary

This week, I tried to finish up as much of the media stuff as possible. I updated the style of the media code significantly, removing unnecessary threading features and separating the threading out into a separate class.

I also moved the MediaLibrary code into, inside libtpclient-py. This was a good way to reduce the total number of necessary files and to keep all the relevant code in the same place.

Tracking media downloads has also been updated, so that a mix-in class does the tracking. This also centralizes code.

I spent some time this week discussing with Mithro and Llnz the various options for making multiple clients downloading the same file safe, but I decided to let someone else take care of it at another time, ultimately, because the best solution appears to be some sort of proxy server.

Also, away from media, I moved the panelPicture popup on the starmap to the corners, instead of right under your mouse. This looks much better.


~ by greywhind on July 29, 2009.

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