GSOC Day 70-72 – Perspective and AI

I have been working in the past few days on two different things, both with, unfortunately, too little success.

I have been trying to get an AI to run a good game on at least one of the rulesets, the best supported at the moment being mtsec and minisec. At first, I couldn’t get daneel-AI to compile. Eventually I got it, though, and after some fiddling with xml scripts and install locations I got it to run. However, it only works with risk and rfts, which aren’t completely working with the tp04 client. I’ll see if I can patch it up tomorrow to work with one of them.

I also have been trying to fix window perspective saving, also with little success. I have it saving the output of the correct function for saving the windows and loading it on login, but it always seems to load the same blank window at the same size. I don’t know what’s wrong, unless there’s something wrong internally in the config code, but it’s not going to be easy to figure out if that’s the case.

That’s it.


~ by greywhind on August 4, 2009.

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