GSOC Week 11 Summary

This week, on GSOC Weekly:

Media Refactor Nears Completion

Washington, DC: The White House was abuzz this week with Greywhind’s nearly finished media code refactor. The work has been in progress for weeks, nearly expending the full $80 million budget, and it was feared that cost overruns might occur. However, with a re-designed mixin class for tracking URL downloading, code repetition was minimized and costs were cut. Another cost-saving measure was taken in the libtpclient-py code, checking a simple file-size comparison before doing expensive hashing operations. Then, Greywhind created a new way to specify which file types were wanted, which was an extra feature not originally in the plan. President Obama said of the project, “We all have a new hope for a better media handling system, and it’s just this kind of extra bump that can get people motivated.”

TP04 Nears Release – Final Testing Underway

Silicon Valley, CA: At a press conference this week, Greywhind revealed that the TP04 client is nearing an initial release. He said, “After months of work, the TP04 version of Thousand Parsec’s pywx client is undergoing final testing against AI bots, ensuring that a full game can be played through without incident. A full game of Risk has been completed, and basic, multi-turn tests of Minisec, RFTS, and MTsec have been finished without major incident.” This came after news that RFTS and Risk were plagued by a few minor problems. RFTS was affected by a bug that prevented orders from being added, but Llnz, the server developer, was able to step in and solve it, reportedly just in time for a brief test. Risk was at first unable to show any visual representation of the starmap, but a quick patch to the top-level object determination function solved this. The release of the client is expected in less than two weeks, if everything goes according to schedule.


~ by greywhind on August 5, 2009.

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