Leges Motus Progress – Multiple Weapons, New Map Features

Well, it has been quite a while since I posted about Leges Motus. Sorry about that – we haven’t stopped working, I promise! (Although we took a break for a little while in August, we’re moving forward at a good rate now.)

There are a lot of new minor features and fixes coming up for Leges Motus 0.3.0, including bolding of important messages, italic and bracketed names for frozen players (for the partially colorblind, as we have had reports that frozen players can be hard to differentiate), and so forth.

Some of the really BIG new features, though, are more interesting to talk about:

First, multiple weapons. This is the most exciting one for me, because I see a world of possibilities opening up. (Also a lot of balancing, but that’s alright.) We’re adding some awesome new guns to the game, which you’ll be able to switch through and select, finding the right one for the situation. An example: there will be a gun that blasts a player backwards, freezing him for one second and causing 10 damage. This will be good for getting players away from your gate and giving your defense a moment of respite, for instance. There are a lot of different possibilities for guns, so this should open up a lot of gameplay potential.

We’re also mostly done with a bunch of new map obstacles and features. These include objects with gravity, friction, or hazardous effects, such as health damage or a brief freeze when you hit them. These can also be set to work against only one team, so the map creators have a lot of room for creativity in how to use them. Imagine, for example, a gate guarded by a corridor lined with hazardous obstacles, where the players have to navigate through with gun recoil alone. We’re still working on sprites for the new map objects – still interested in hearing from artists who might want to contribute.

Release date for 0.3.0 is still unknown. Quite a few things depend on new sprites. We’ll keep you posted.


~ by greywhind on September 9, 2009.

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