What’s on tap for Leges Motus?

Well, Leges Motus v.0.3.0 is finally released! (Sorry about the delays – there were many things that got in the way of the release, both code-wise and project management-wise. But we’re past them now!)

But rather than rehash the new features (see the previous posts for those), I’m going to talk about what’s coming up.

We might take a long time to write 0.4.0 (yes, there will be another beta release before 1.0), but we’re going to try to make it worthwhile. We can’t promise any specific features will or will not get done, but here are some of the things I want to try to get in there:

1. Revamped internals. Over time, the initial design of some internal components has become a bit cumbersome. We created the original framework with quick and simple development in mind, but we now have goals that go far beyond the initial feature set. We want to separate the graphics from the game logic, so that we can create an AI client in the future. We also want to improve the GUI toolkit to make it easier to create dialog boxes and menus and such.

2. New weapons/functionality: I want to make two new weapons – a melee weapon that sends a pulse of energy out around the player to freeze nearby enemies, and a machine gun that must be charged briefly before it starts to fire (so it charges, fires a burst, and then needs to recharge). Additionally, I’d like to make the impact cannon fire in a small cone rather than just at a single point.

3. Menu art: We are hoping to recruit an artist we know to draw a nice menu screen background for us.

4. Keyboard settings and manual server connection menus: We want to allow users to easily change their keyboard bindings through the GUI, and to be able to connect to a server by typing in the IP address, if it’s not listed on the masterserver (currently, the latter can only be done using the command line arguments).

All of this will be a lot of work, especially when you include the smaller fixes and improvements. We’ll keep you posted.


~ by greywhind on April 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “What’s on tap for Leges Motus?”

  1. Looking forward to seeing the updates. Let me know if you’re scheduling any upcoming play tests… 🙂

    • Thank you for your interest! We’re hoping that people will begin playing regularly on the servers, so that we can build a community around the game. If you want to be informed when there are people playing, you can join the #legesmotus IRC channel on irc.freenode.net, which has a bot that tells us when people join servers. Hope to see you in the channel and the game!

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