GSOC Day 47 – Design Categories and Other Fixes

I made a lot of changes to the design window today, to make it look and act much nicer and more flexibly.

The main change today was that I added a categories chooser, so you can check off which categories the design should be in and change them at will. This required making a whole new panel type (since you can’t have a popup list of checkboxes, normally), but it worked out.

There were some server bugs that gave me trouble, and some are still problematic for, say, removing all categories from a design. The basic category switching seems to work, though.

I also fixed some spacing and sizing problems with the design window – one thing, though: wx.StaticText boxes just don’t seem to like to center themselves. I dunno what it is, but I couldn’t get the ship title to move away from hugging the left side of its textbox, even when the textbox was much bigger. I kind of fixed it by adding spacers around it, and it looks relatively ok, but it’s not perfect.

Still, the design window seems to be improving to a usable state – it’s almost there.

Here’s a screenshot:

Design window with better sizing and category chooser.

Design window with better sizing and category chooser.

I’ll submit all this for review tomorrow after making sure there’s nothing else to change.


~ by greywhind on July 9, 2009.

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