Leges Motus Progress: More on Guns and Graphics

In our last update, we discussed the progress we’ve been making on the refactor in terms of guns, graphics, and gameplay.

We haven’t been idle since then! All of the gun types are now fully implemented, including area-of-effect weapons (I might post a more technical entry about exactly how I made area of effect weapons work, because it’s an interesting topic for Box2D development). This means that the gameplay (minus graphics and statistics and HUD and such) is essentially complete, at this point, aside from a few minor changes (notably, game parameters sent from the server are not yet fully taken into account, but that should happen fairly soon).

Archaemic has been hard at work on weapons graphics, and guns now show up with the player sprite. They’re not quite all positioned properly yet, but that should be done very soon. I’m excited to start working on weapons effects, but I’m not sure exactly when we’ll get to that.

Additionally, I’m pretty sure we hadn’t finished all the map object types last time we posted, but we have now. Even force fields are fully implemented and working.

In any case, playability is definitely coming along, and aside from visual feedback, there’s nothing stopping us from playing a real game on the test server again!

We’ll keep posting updates as progress continues unabated, hopefully with more screenshots coming your way soon.


~ by greywhind on January 7, 2011.

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